Annette (Yuraygir Yoga)

Annette (Yuraygir Yoga)

Annette was first introduced to Iyengar yoga about 25 years ago, in highschool and was quickly drawn to the calming and centering qualities. After studying and working as an Environmental Scientist in QLD, Annette continued to practice yoga and attended classes and workshops with prominent Iyengar yoga teachers such as Peter and Sue Scott and decided to undertake her Diploma of Yoga Teaching in Hatha Yoga through the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) in 2004. Having her twin boys and taking a break from corporate work, Annette taught yoga in a number of highschools on the Sunshine Coast as well as weekly classes.

Moving to Minnie Water in 2006 with her family and having her third son, practice ebbed and flowed with family life. Annette went on to study and attend many workshops. She became a certified in Prenatal Yoga and more recently completed a Yin Yoga and Mindfulness and has attended immersions with Elena Brower.

Annette recently faced a breast cancer diagnosis 3 years ago, at age 39 and drew on the many tools that yoga offers and credits these to helping her through the healing process physically and emotionally. “One of the main things I am learning through my journey is that yoga doesn’t stop the bad things happening to us in life. It helped me to be able to sit with pain and feelings of uncomfortableness and offer myself the same compassion I would with my family and friends”.

Annette offers an eclectic style flow of Hatha Yoga and caters for a diverse range from Preschoolers to Seniors, Yin yoga and Restorative. Annette gently weaves mindfulness, breath awareness and a feeling essence as the key elements in her classes. She creates a safe space for nurturing ourselves through all phases of life on the yoga mat so we may carry that compassion into our daily lives.

Annette is currently part of the team at Clarence Natural Therapies and also works with Yuraygir Walking Experiences. With her background in environmental science and love for nature, believes that the connection and awareness between our inner and outer world is what will bring us closer to greater compassion and nurturing of our Self and our Planet.

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August 22, 2018