Karma Collective

Karma Collective

Karma Collective is more than just a yoga lifestyle apparel company. It stands for spreading positivity and inspiration through the messages that we incorporateĀ in our designs. It is about empowering each and every person who wears one of our items to be mindful of karma, and to spread only good vibes, because what you put out in the world, will eventually come back to you!

The idea spawned during a 10-day silent meditation retreat, deep in the rainforests of Hawaii, which sadly the site has now been taken over by the volcanic eruptions on the island.

After months of hard work, dedication, and friends and family who believed in this vision, Karma Collective came to be.

We are thrilled to support a charity partner, and seeing lives being changed with every purchase. A percentage of every online sale will be donated to underprivileged women and their families through Bali Wise. (http://www.baliwise.org)

Karma Collective first started in Canada and has has now expanded over to Australia, the US Europe, and parts of Asia.

Made to inspire. Join our movement.

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August 10, 2018