Stephanie (Holistictrainer)

Stephanie (Holistictrainer)

Stephanie is Brazilian born and former professional athlete, being a 4 x World Bodyboarding Champion. She has been living in Yamba for 5 years, sharing her passion for movement to the community and training athletes, specially in the sport of surfing. During her athlete career she had experience in different training practices, including Yoga. She found her heart in the world of functional and movement practice. Taking the best bits from various worlds and teachers, Stephanie formed her own personal practice, with the goal of becoming a more well-rounded, generalist mover or practitioner.

She will introduce you to bits and pieces of what her practice is about. She will challenge your bodyweight strength, help you find weakness and imbalances, she will teach you about locomotions, get you to move like animals, challenge your rhythmicality, play pair games, practice movement integration and get you to experience the Eldoa Technique. The most important, Stephanie wants everyone to have fun!

Stephanie style is a pandora’s box, she likes to create as she goes.

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August 1, 2018