Anne Forkert

Studio Move



Anne experienced her first yoga lesson at the age of 19 in Germany, in her country of origin. At the time, yoga wasn’t trendy in Germany, and this made Anne curious to learn more. She was pleasantly surprised by the emphasis yoga places on the connection between movement and breath, and to this day, believes the key to yoga is to stay connected to your breath.Anne thrives on her continued learning through yoga, and delights in how vibrant she feels after a class or meditation. Anne maintains a calm personality and likes to take her time with things, a characteristic that explains her interest in the steadiness of alignment-based yoga with long holds. Anne aims to impart this sense of steadiness to her students.

Anne holds over 800 hours of Yoga Teacher Training certification with The Byron Yoga Centre and has also completed a Yin Yoga & Mindfulness certification. Anne’s classes are a bath of calming grounding asanas and breath work.


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