Brooke Donlan




My name is Brooke I am an animal loving, yoga devotee, philosophy bookworm and mindfulness advocate and I am here on a mission.
I believe that my path is sharing the teachings of unity, mindfulness, yoga and self realisation.

My journey began when I met my teacher in Banff, Canada 2015. During the year 2015 I learnt everything I could about this practice through workshops, classes and books with the guidance of my teacher. Once returning home I graduated from a 350hr Hatha Teacher Training along with a 200hr David Keil Functional Yoga Anatomy.
In May 2018 I spent 4 weeks with my teacher training and studying Ashtanga Vinyasa which I gained a further 200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate.

I have spent many hours studying, contemplating and searching to discover the heart and soul of this practice. What I found was not between the pages of my teacher training manuals or in the asanas. But the heart and soul of this practice is inside you.

Why I teach:
I teacher because I love it.
I teach because I want to give to people what yoga gave to me.
That is purpose, peace, hope and a sense of belonging.
I’m passionate about guiding people to reach for things they didn’t think where possible.
To fill the gap between not knowing who you are and knowing who you are.
Through mindfulness comes clarity, meaning and vibrancy for life.
I dedicate my life to share this practice not for Instagram followers or blog readers or for the annual pay check, but because I truly believe that the yoga works.

What I teach:
I teacher Ashtanga, Rocket Series, Vinyasa flow.
My classes will challenge you physically and encourage you to look beyond the asanas.
Philosophy is the main ingredient, delivering well thought out classes that leave you feeling invigorated, refreshed and restored.