Lena Wehrheim



Lena grew up on an island in the german North sea. Building up a deep connection to the ocean and its horizon might be one of the reasons she loves to flow through her practice so much. Daily Meditation, Pranayama and Asana practice changed her life immense for the better. She is a qualified Yoga teacher, Fitness Instructor, Massage and Physiotherapist.

The combination of all make her classes to a wonderful experience. A gentle flow yet challenging with a strong focus on correct alignment to ensure the created feeling of spaciousness within your own body. Everyone has different needs and their own pace to adjust to settings and their environment. 

Lena has a very patient and calm way to guide her students through her classes which makes it suitable for all levels. Working as a mobile Massage therapist and Yoga teacher around Byron Bay she loves to share her unique energy. Using massage to trigger the intelligence of your own body to heal itself. If you don’t get to enjoy any hands on assist in one of her classes over the weekend, make sure you see her at her Massage stall to give your soul a little bit more space.

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