Suzanne Fraser & Gretchen Highfield (East Coast Iyengar)

Suzanne Fraser & Gretchen Highfield (East Coast Iyengar)

Suzanne Fraser & Gretchen Highfield
Junior Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Teachers
East Coast Iyengar Yoga Studio

Gretchen Highfield
I first experienced yoga as a baby crawling around under my mother, Suzanne, while she practiced. She was a Satyananda student at that time and we regularly went to the Ashram at Glennifer in the 1980’s. She was introduced to Iyengar Yoga when I was a teenager and I loved its faster pace, precision alignment and stronger practice. I qualified to teach about 12 years ago and have been teaching classes on the Mid North Coast and taking international retreats, while raising a family, ever since. After finding a lump in my breast 2 years ago and having a lumpectomy to remove the breast cancer, I have been researching yoga (and diet and essential oils etc) for breast care, which I will include in my class at this festival. I look forward to my session and meeting you all.


Suzanne Fraser
In this one hour class at the Yamba Yoga Festival we will explore the endocrine system & practice a range of asanas in ways that will support hormonal balance. Over many years of practicing, observing and teaching Iyengar Yoga, Geeta Iyengar realised the need to adapt a women’s yoga practice with not only her menstrual cycle but the cycles of her life.

I have been in attendance at many of Geeta’s workshops and classes that have been presented on this topic. I have also created keynote presentations on ‘Iyengar Yoga for Hormonal Balance’ & taken them to Yoga retreats, workshops and classes in Australia & abroad. Everyone is welcome to join in this enlightening exploration of Iyengar Yoga.




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July 27, 2018